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Museum trains Helsinki - Porvoo - Helsinki 2023 


The museum railcar leaves from Hinthaara village.

Welcome to a summer trip to Porvoo - by train!

When you want to experience a memorable summer day, go to beautiful Porvoo. However, don't rush there along the highway, but take the time for the trip itself. Come by rail and enjoy the atmosphere of the old times.

For the 33rd summer, the Porvoo Museum Railway society is now organizing museum train trips with authentic Finnish railcars from the 1950s. The trip starts from the Helsinki Central railway station on Saturdays 9:49 a.m. and the journey takes an hour and a half.

In Kerava, the track branches off towards Porvoo, takes you through idyllic forest, field and river landscapes until you reach Porvoo's old railway station on the riverbank. The museum train's schedule is designed so that you can explore the city at your leisure for three hours. You will arrive in Helsinki after 4 pm.

Operating days on Saturdays, 27 May, 10 June, 1 July, 29 July, 5 August, 26 August and 16 Septemper 2023


MUS 1911    MUS 1912
Helsinki   9:49 16:16
Tikkurila 10:09 15:58
Kerava 10:26 15:43
Nikkilä 10:41 15:27
Hinthaara 11:14 14:55
Haksi 11:25x 14:42x
Kiiala 11:33x 14:34x
Porvoo 11:38 14:30

x = stops when requested.

The departure track of the train is shown on the station's information boards. The departure track in Helsinki is usually No. 10. Because of the Kaisantunnel construction site, there are passageway arrangements at the Helsinki platforms. It's worth reserving a few extra minutes to walk to the platform.

The train does not stop in Pasila. On the way back, the Kerava and Tikkurila stops are only for disemparking passengers. In Porvoo, you can enter the train about 20 minutes before departure.

Traffic information

Here we post information if there are changes in our traffic that affect travelers. Updated 25 May.

Prices and ticket sales

There are no seat reservations. Tickets can only be bought during the journey from a conductor who goes around in a carriages. The payment method is preferably a contactless payment card, but also payment cards or cash.

Prices (one-way / roundtrip)

Helsinki / Tikkurila – Porvoo  € 25 / 37
Kerava – Porvoo € 20 / 30
Nikkilä – Porvoo € 17 / 25
Hinthaara – Porvoo €  8 / 12
Haksi – Porvoo €  6 / 10
Kiiala – Porvoo €  5 /  8

Children's tickets 10–17 years -50%. Under 10 years are free of charge. Special price: Helsinki / Tikkurila – Porvoo – Kerava € 32.

One-way tickets are also sold in the direction Porvoo – Helsinki. Price list is available here.

Extra operating day on Sunday 13 August 2023!

Travel by railcar train to Porvoo or Hyvinkää.

The Railway Museum Day in Hyvinkää (link)

Timetable 13.8.

MUS 1913     MUS 1918
Helsinki   8.25 19.11
Tikkurila   8.45 18.53
Kerava   9.00 18.38
Nikkilä   9.12 18.25
Hinthaara   9.45 17.53
Haksi   9.56x 17.42x
Kiiala 10.04x 17.34x
Porvoo 10.09 17.28
-------- --------
MUS 1915 MUS 1916
Porvoo 10.28 17.14
Kiiala 10.34x 17.10x
Haksi 10.42x 17.02x
Hinthaara 10.53 16.51
Nikkilä 11.24 16.19
Järvenpää 11.44 15.59
Saunakallio 11.47 15.56
Purola 11.51 15.54
Jokela 12.00 15.45
Hyvinkää 12.11 15.28
Rautatiemuseo 12.20 15.18

13.8. Train ticket prices (one-way / roundtrip)

Helsinki / Tikkurila / Kerava - Hyvinkää € 25 / 40

Porvoo / Kiiala / Haksi / Hinthaara / Nikkilä - Hyvinkää € 20 / 30

Järvenpää / Saunakallio / Purola / Jokela - Hyvinkää € 10 / 15

Children's tickets 10–17 years -50 %. Under 10 years are free of charge.

Prices from Helsinki to Porvoo are same as normal operating days.

The ticket prices for the Railway Museum event are: Adults: € 18,00, children under 18 years: free entry. You can buy this event ticket in a train before landing the Railway Museums (Rautatiemuseo) platform. Train stops also in Hyvinkää railway station.

Roundtrip ticket cannot be used in another operator's train. One-way tickets are also sold in the direction Hyvinkää - Porvoo - Helsinki.

Come with a group

Group discount: a group of at least 10 adults -10% of the normal price when one person pays for the whole group.

Luggage and pets

Bicycles, scooters, baby carriages and similar items are transported in the train's baggage compartment (the carriage in the middle of the train with a large side door). Transportation is free of charge. Large or heavy means of transport cannot fit on board (excluding wheelchairs and similar aids). The luggage department staff receives and hands over the goods.

Transport of pets is allowed. However, please take into account fellow travelers who may be allergic.

There are luggage shelves in the train cabin and larger items can also go between the seats.

Porvoo station

The train's arrival and departure point in Porvoo is the former railway station approx. 500 meters from the old town of Porvoo on the west side of the river. The address of the station is: Vanha Hämeenlinnantie 5. Please note that the station building is privately owned. Don't walk across the station lawns. The terrace of the station is also a private area.

In the summer season

In summer, you can take a trip to Porvoo both by train and by ship m/s J.L. Runeberg! If you first leave Helsinki by train and return by ship, you will have about four hours in Porvoo. The ship's schedules, prices and booking instructions are on the shipping company's website (link).

Summer Sounds festival Avanti! This year, the festival's program includes a total of three concerts on Saturday 1 July 2023: at 2 pm, 5 pm and 9 pm. More information on Summer Sounds website (link)

Porvoo Museum Railway

The Porvoo Museum Railway is located between Kerava and Porvoo. The museum track starts 17 km after Kerava. The last 16 km before Porvoo is almost 150 years old track.

Regular passanger traffic on the state owned Porvoo line ended in 1981 and goods traffic 1990. Porvoo Museum Railway was founded in 1991. The association maintained the railway between 1993 and 2013.

After this, the maintenance was transferred to the Finnish Railways Transport Infrastructure Agency and the railway became an official museum railway. The railway is used by museum railway operators.


View on larger map   You can see the locations of the current museum railway halts with bluish text on the OpenStreetMap map when you enlarge it: Nikkilä, Hinthaara, Haksi, Kiiala, Porvoo.

Updated July 26, 2023

Have a nice trip!


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